M. Willis Monroe


Primary instructor:

Literature of Mesopotamia and Egypt (University of British Columbia)

Archaeology and the Bible (University of British Columbia)

Scientific Thought in Ancient Iraq (Brown University)

Introduction to Akkadian (Brown University)

Teaching Assistant:

Astronomy Before the Telescope (Brown University)

Imagining the Gods: Myths and Myth-making in Ancient Mesopotamia (Brown University)

Age of Empires: The Ancient Near East in the First Millennium B.C. (Brown University)

Haunted Universe: Monsters and Demons at the Dawn of Civilization (Brown University)


Various in-class lectures for courses at the University of British Columbia (Akkadian, Archaeology, Mythology, Psychology, and History)

Early Astronomy (Brown University, Summer course)

Cuneiform (Brown University, Summer course)

Module for Coursera-based MOOC “Archaeology’s Dirty Little Secrets”