Productivity: A List

  I started this blog post with the supposition that our relentless search for productivity was still in full swing.  It seems there is no end to the blog posts, magazine articles, and general advice about how to focus and “get things done.”  I know that I’ve certainly been a consumer of probably a large percentage of […]


I wrote the previous post using the webapp Gingko.  It’s a neat web-based composition tool.  You start with three columns and you can add/write/move around anything between the three.  Items are dependent on the column to the left, so it essentially forms a three tiered tree structure.  It’s really easy to sketch out a very […]

Tokens and Literacy

For a few years now I’ve been interested in clay tokens, and specifically how in later periods (1st millennium b.c.e.) they relate to the already existing written tradition.  The traditional literature on tokens mentions they’re early role as an antecedent to writing and then neglects to make any comment on their possible use in later […]

New Blog

I decided to take the plunge and start self-hosting websites.  I started with my wife’s blog/site as a venue for her to put up art and talk about her artistic process.  I wanted another site that I could experiment and write on.  Eventually I’d like to start hosting sites for friends and family. I went […]