Visualizing Neo-Assyrian Scholars in Python

Just as I was writing this post an author on released an excellent overview of using Matplotlib for Python plotting, a highly recommended read! (Skip to the historical context below) Introduction: In the past couple of years I’ve been trying to meld my long history of casually programming Python with my scholarly work on […]

Productivity: A List

  I started this blog post with the supposition that our relentless search for productivity was still in full swing.  It seems there is no end to the blog posts, magazine articles, and general advice about how to focus and “get things done.”  I know that I’ve certainly been a consumer of probably a large percentage of […]

Chatham Harbor and the future of phone photography

This is a simple panorama shot from the deck of the loading dock at Chatham harbor out on Cape Cod.  I’m using this image to illustrate the ease with which the Nexus 5 phone takes more complicated shots, beyond the traditional simple rectangular photo.  In some ways these are simple party tricks that make the […]


I wrote the previous post using the webapp Gingko.  It’s a neat web-based composition tool.  You start with three columns and you can add/write/move around anything between the three.  Items are dependent on the column to the left, so it essentially forms a three tiered tree structure.  It’s really easy to sketch out a very […]